At Charlie Bigham’s we’re lucky enough to have a unique and brilliant bunch of people working with us and we’re committed to making sure everyone is paid fairly. You can find our latest update here.



We only ever want to include the tastiest ingredients in our dishes, so whether we’re looking for the perfect pancetta or the smokiest salmon, we always choose suppliers with the best ingredients. This means that have quite a large supplier base. When we work with a partner, it isn’t just about the ingredients. We also make sure that we only work with companies with good human rights records, who treat their employees fairly and with respect. It’s a big part of our responsible sourcing vision to work alongside our suppliers to raise labour standards, improve working conditions and create fairly rewarded employment.

All our suppliers have to comply with the national laws in the countries in which they operate as well as International Labour conventions (ILO). We insist that they engage with our Responsible Sourcing policy and any high-risk suppliers will be on an audit programme to ensure all required standards are met. In cases of non-compliance, Charlie Bigham’s will take action including ceasing to trade and cancellation of contracts.

Further information on the Charlie Bigham’s Responsible Sourcing programme can be found here.