Cooking from scratch vs Charlie Bigham’s

We’re all aware of the money we’re spending right now, and we understand you’re looking for alternative ways to save.

So we chose one of your favourite dishes, our iconic Lasagne, and compared the cost with shopping at your local supermarket for ingredients of a similar quality to the ones we use at Charlie Bigham’s. You can see the breakdown below.

Then we asked a selection of people from Charlie Bigham’s HQ, all with different cooking abilities, to take part in our experiment. On average it took people 3 hours to make lasagne from scratch at home – not including the time to wash up all the pots and pans.


Butter (Knob of Butter) £0.30
Mature Cheddar (Good Slice) £0.30
Milk* £0.00
Double Cream (Good Glug) £0.20
Barber's Vintage Cheddar Cheese (Small Slice) £0.15
Mature Cheddar Cheese (Good Slice) £0.10
Cornflour* £0.00
Peppercorn* £0.00
Salt* £0.00
Sugar* £0.00
Tomato Puree (Good Squeeze) £0.10
Diced Tomatoes (Whole Tin) £0.80
Balsamic Vinegar (Good Glug) £0.05
Water* £0.00
White Wine (1 Small Glass of Wine) £2.00
Ground White Pepper* £0.00
Nutmeg (Pinch) £0.08
Ground Star Anise (Pinch) £0.12
Flour* £0.00
Rapeseed Oil* £0.00
Beef Stock (Around Half a Pack) £0.80
Lasagne Sheets (Few Sheets) £0.54
Smoked Bacon (⅓ Pack) £2.13
Beef Mince 15% Fat (½ Pack) £1.50
Pork Mince 12% Fat (½ Pack) £1.13
Garlic (Few Cloves) £0.20
Oregano (Pinch) £0.30
Carrots (1 Carrot) £0.07
Celery (1 Head) £0.10
Onion (1 Onion) £0.12
Parsley (Have to Buy Fresh) £1.25
*from your kitchen
Total £11.57
Charlie Bigham’s Lasagne For Two £9.50

Prices quoted are from Tesco online, November 2022. Charlie Bigham’s pricing subject to retailer discretion.

We’ve had lots of questions from our customers about some of the alternative ways of cooking our food in the last few months, especially air fryers and microwaves. Head here to find out more about this.