What is Charlie Bigham’s policy towards responsible sourcing?

We only ever want to include the tastiest ingredients that we possibly can whenever we make our dishes. It’s therefore important that we work with a number of different suppliers to make sure we can get the right chorizo, salmon and smokey pancetta! As such, our supply based is extensive and employs a large number of individuals, all of whom are very important to us and their continued well-being is an important contributing factor to the quality of our dishes.

Respecting workers human rights and treating workers fairly is not only important to us because of the business benefits it provides, but also because it is simply the right thing to do. At Charlie Bigham’s, our responsible sourcing vision is to respect the human rights of workers throughout our product supply chains and collaborate with suppliers to raise labour standards, improve working conditions and create fairly rewarded employment.

Suppliers to Charlie Bigham’s must comply with the national laws in the countries in which they operate as well as International Labour conventions (ILO). Suppliers must engage with our Responsible Sourcing policy and all high risk suppliers will be on an audit programme to ensure required standards are met. In cases of non-compliance, Charlie Bigham’s will take action including ceasing to trade and cancellation of contracts.

Further information on the Charlie Bigham’s Responsible Sourcing programme can be found here.