The Twosomes

Meet Emily and Hugo, or the ‘Twosomes’ as we like to call them. Like many of us, their lives are a bit of a juggling act: work, kids, chores… Often the idea of spending a bit of quality time together feels like the stuff of fantasy. Any of this sound familiar?

The Twosomes are the inspiration behind our dishes. We think it’s vital once in a while to pack the kids off to bed and enjoy a wonderful night in together over an amazing meal. It might feel like a luxury, but surely: delicious food, brilliant company, it’s what life’s all about, isn’t it?

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Hugo (Hugbats, Huggy)


Age Just the right side of 40

Occupation Marketing

Likes Disco music

Dislikes People who don’t laugh at my jokes

Favourite dish Steak and ale pie

Bad habits None. I’m perfect!

Hello. I’m Hugo. I’m six foot three and pure muscle. I’m not really, I’m actually quite svelte. Well, you can see that from the picture, can’t you? Do you like my glasses? Two for the price of one. Erm, I don’t know what else to say really. I hope you like Charlie’s meals as much as Em and I. Do let Charlie know what you think. Enjoy!


Emily (Em)


Age Classified!

Occupation PR

Likes A good glass of red

Dislikes Disco music

Favourite dish Called me a traditionalist - the Fish Pie. Yum!

Bad habits Occasionally laughing at Hugo’s jokes

I’m Em and I’m married to Hugo, he’s the one just there with the glasses – no doubt he’s told you about the two for one thing. Bless him. We’re busy bunnies Hugo and I, especially after having the little ones, so Charlie’s lovely dinners give us the chance to steal back a bit of quality time together at the end of a hard day. Charlie, well done you!