Meet the team

We’re lucky enough to have an incredible team here at Charlie Bigham’s… and now it’s your chance to meet some of them.

So, if you’ve ever wondered who does what, just hover over the images below to find out.

  • alex


    Hello, I'm Alex and I help the team here to work with our retailers, making sure that we sell the right dishes in the right places! I love pretty much all the Bigham's dishes and try to taste as many as I can each week, but my favourite would have to be the Chicken Tikka Masala. I currently hold the record for most Bigham’s eaten in one sitting – it was a mountain of Macaroni Cheese and it will take some beating!

  • nistha


    Hi, I’m Nistha and I work in the Supply Chain team here at Bigham’s. It’s my job to help make sure that all our lovely retailers have plenty of our dishes on their shelves for everybody to enjoy! My favourite Bigham’s dish would have to be Chicken Tikka Masala – nothing beats it!

  • Lukasz


    Hi I’m Lucasz and as a quality manager, surprise surprise, it’s my job to make sure that everything is of the very best quality, looking at all the feedback we get to see how we can make things even better. It’s great discovering what people really love about our dishes, and I’m very lucky to work with passionate people in such a varied role. My favourite dish would have to be the Chicken Tikka – though closely followed by Fish Pie! Outside of work, I’m really into photography and driving (fast!!!) on track, so I’m a big Formula 1 fan. I wouldn’t mind being let loose in one of their cars…

  • Tabassam


    My name is Tabassam and I oversee all of the ingredients coming in to us – as well as the final dishes leaving us! I make sure only the very best ingredients are allowed into our kitchens, and that all of our dishes are perfect when they leave. I’m a fan of all of our dishes really, but my favourite has to be the fish pie.

  • Michael-S

    Michael S

    I’m Michael and my role is to ensure my team are safe and always produce delicious high quality food. I’m always positive and a great listener. My favourite dish is the Lasagne (don’t tell my mum). Away from Charlie and the team, I enjoy fitness training and watching the UFC.

  • Abby


    I’m Abby and I work in the Food team, developing recipes and launching new dishes. I love the variety of my job; from spending time in the kitchens trying out new recipe ideas, to the daily checks we do making sure all the dishes we’ve made that day taste perfect! Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors - anything from skiing to hiking in the alps and camping out at festivals. My favourite Bigham’s dish is Lasagne because of all the delicious layers!

    Star Fact

    Pastry making pro!

  • Paulina


    Hi I’m Paulina and I work in our New Food Development team. I love that I’m able to see the whole journey of our dishes, from the initial idea to the final product! It’s really satisfying getting to make our current dishes even better too. My favourite’s got to be the Chicken Tikka.

    Star Fact

    CB’s roller skating addict

  • Ged


    My name’s Ged and I look after our kitchens, making sure that our dishes are consistently as fresh and delicious as possible - every single day! I spend as much of my spare time as possible sailing, skiing and running – so I like to think I deserve a bit of downtime with a Bigham’s Tikka every now and again. Best enjoyed with great wine and great company – bliss.

  • Liz2


    Hi, I’m Liz. I work across all the teams at Bigham’s, helping them develop the most efficient ways of working to deliver the freshest and best quality food possible for our customers. My favourite dishes are the Fish Pie & Macaroni Cheese.

    Star Fact

    Discovered the real India & China by cycling across them!

  • Danielle


    Hi, I’m Danielle and I’m the receptionist at Bigham’s HQ - I help to make sure that everything here runs as smoothly as possible! Working here is great - every day is different and the food’s not bad either! I love the Chicken Jalfrezi (love the spice) but am also pretty partial to the Korma!

  • richard


    Hi I’m Richard and I look after our retailers. It’s my job to keep our customers happy and make sure that our delicious food is always within easy reach! It’s hard picking a favourite dish as they are all fantastic but my favourite would have to be the Lasagne... it’s as good as my mum’s, if not better - sorry Mum!

    Star Fact

    CB's resident Moonwalker

  • rachel-j

    Rachel J

    Hi I'm Rachel J and I work with our retailers, making sure that everyone's happy with the delicious food we make here! Don’t tell anyone but my favourite is the Thai Red Chicken Curry!!

    Star Fact

    CB's first triathlete!

  • loreto


    Hi! I’m Loreto and I help ensure that Charlie Bigham’s food is produced to the highest quality and food safety standards. All of Bigham’s dishes are really good… but my favourite is the Chicken Kiev!!

    Star Fact

    CB’s number 1 Galician fan!!

  • albena


    Hello my name is Albena, and I help to make sure that only the very best ingredients are allowed to come into our kitchens! This makes the job very satisfying, since you can see (and taste) the results in our delicious food. It is a very fast-paced role that requires the whole team to co-ordinate and work closely together. My favourite is the Thai Red Chicken Curry – the depth of flavours and textures in this dish is incredible!

  • Lauri-Duncan


    Hi, I’m Lauri. My role is making sure that Bigham’s is a great place to work and to support everyone in our team to achieve their ambitions. I love the passion that everyone at Bigham’s has for making delicious food and seeing everyone growing in their role makes me really proud.

    Star Fact

    CB’s only Scunthorpe United fan. Up the Iron!

  • prince-lee

    Prince Lee

    Hi, I’m Prince Lee and I help to make sure that all Charlie Bigham’s dishes are made to the highest food safety standards in our kitchens. My favourite dish is our Fish Pie. Yummy!

    Star Fact

    CB’s Prince and passion is my pride.

  • rachel


    I’m Rachel and I’m the Commercial Director – so I lead the team responsible for making sure our retailers are always happy. I love my job because I get to work with great people who care passionately about bringing high-quality, delicious food to as many people as possible. My favourite Charlie Bigham’s dish is our famous Fish Pie.

    Star Fact

    CB’s Yoga Queen

  • chidi_obi3


    My name is Chidi and I have been working for Charlie for over 6 years now. I oversee the cooking of our delicious food in the kitchens and make sure everything is done just the way it should be. My favourite Charlie Bigham’s dish is the Chicken en Croute – amazing!

    Star Fact

    CB's Number 1 Chelsea FC Supporter

  • mayank


    Hi I’m Mayank and I work in our Supply Chain team. My job is to make sure that we always make enough food for all of our customers – we can’t have them being disappointed! I love my job because I’m surrounded by a passionate team who enjoy facing new challenges. I’m a fan of Indian and Italian cuisine, and Moussaka is my favourite Charlie Bigham’s dish.

    Star Fact

    CB’s pool champion

  • claire


    I’m Claire and I have the lovely task of working alongside Charlie and our fantastic chefs to develop and perfect our delicious dishes! I’m passionate about food and travel, and love the opportunity to try new dishes whether I’m in New York, Florence or Sarajevo. San Sebastian is probably my favourite city for food – it doesn’t matter if you’re eating pinxtos in a backstreet bar or dining in a top end restaurant, the quality is incredible. My favourite dish is the Bigham’s Macaroni Cheese.

    Star Fact

    I can wiggle my ears

  • taryn


    I’m Tarryn and my job is to help create new and exciting dishes! I love the fact that our dishes reflect the passion of everyone who’s helped create them. As you can imagine, I love to cook – and my favourite recipes always involve fresh and seasonal ingredients. I also love to travel and my favourite foods tend to come from the last country I ventured to!

    Star Fact

    CBs’s most avid traveller

  • vicky


    Hi, I’m Vicky and my team works hard every day to make sure all the delicious dishes we make are of the highest quality. I love working at Bigham’s because everyone I work with is always trying to get better at what we do. My favourite Bigham’s dish is our Fish Pie although being Spanish, I cook an excellent Paella!

    Star Fact

    CB’s queen of movie marathons

  • Jon


    I’m Jon and I’m in charge of Buying at Charlie Bigham’s. It’s my job to make sure we can get hold of the very best ingredients to make our tasty dishes. I’m a big fan of our Steak & Ale Pies and my all time favourite dish is roast forerib of beef (with all the trimmings!).

    Star Fact

    CB's biggest motorbike fanatic

  • haseen2


    Hi, I’m Haseen and I’m the Finance Director here. I look after everything to do with money – making sure that everything is paid for when it should be, so that we can keep making our delicious food!

    Star Fact

    CB’s Sudoku Fiend!

  • Georgina


    Hi, I’m Georgina and I’m Head of Food here at Charlie Bigham’s. I work really closely with Charlie and the chefs to create lots of exciting new recipes and I also make sure that all of our current recipes are as delicious as possible. I live, eat and breathe food and in my spare time I love to cook Moroccan and Asian dishes or visit great restaurants. Our Moroccan Chicken Tagine is my favourite Charlie Bigham’s dish!

  • gina


    Hi, I’m Gina and my job is to look after all our supermarket friends. I love getting involved in everything from recipe development to managing new launches and tasting lots of the delicious food we make to make sure our customers are getting fresh, top quality food every day. Monday mornings here are great as they are always full of excited chit chat about recipe highs and lows from the weekend and new restaurant recommendations!

    Star Fact

    Bigham’s crisp connoisseur

  • Marcin


    My name’s Marcin and I help look after all of our kitchens, while making sure that all of our dishes are of the very best quality. I love working here because every day is different and challenging. My favourite Bigham’s dish is our Chicken Kiev and I like to cook (and eat!) all kinds of traditional Polish food

    Star Fact

    Bigham’s number one FC Barcelona fan!

  • Bilal


    Hi. I’m Bilal and I am the Supply Chain Planner. My job is to make sure that we make the right number of delicious Charlie Bigham’s dishes each day. I also make sure that we deliver them to our friends at Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s on time so that we can get them onto your dining table! My favourite Charlie Bigham’s dish is our very tasty Fish Pie.

    Star Fact

    Bigham’s top cricketer.

  • Ghulam1


    Hi, I am Ghulam. They say all relationships require a little give and take and my work is just like this, as I am the Finance Manager here at Bigham's. I keep track of all the money that comes in and goes out to help us make this delicious food every day for our customers. My favourite restaurant is Imbat Terrace in Istanbul. They not only sell the best grilled Lufer fish in the world, but you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace and Aya Sophia.

    Star Fact

    CB’s Chess Master

  • Khadija


    I’m Khadija and I’m part of the team responsible for ensuring that all of our money is in the right place at the right time! I am a native from the Caribbean Island of Grenada or better known as the Isle of Spice! I have always been exposed to many different spices and I love cooking. My favourite dish is a local Grenadian dish called 'oil down'. Yummy!

    Star Fact

    Charlie Bigham's Shotokan Karate Champ

  • alecia


    Hi my name is Alecia and I am the Process Manager. My role is to ensure that our dishes look the same each and every day. My job allows me to be creative and scientific at the same time. I am a fan of all lamb dishes, particularly a leg of lamb. It is fool proof and a crowd pleaser!

    Star Fact

    CB's Interior Design Queen

  • Kim


    My name's Kim and I am the technical controller here at Bigham's. I make sure that each and every dish that leaves the building is safe and of the highest quality. I love cooking, particularly Southeast Asian dishes. My favourite has to be ginger chicken, which takes me straight back to my childhood!

    Star Fact

    CB's only Irish folk dancer

  • Amit


    My name's Amit and I'm in charge of buying all the fresh ingredients we need for each day so our team of chefs can create all their great dishes. I love managing and being responsible for all the fantastic vegetables we use. My favourite type of restaurant is an Indian dhaba, lots of vegetarian food and a great atmosphere!

    Star Fact

    CB's DIY master